Jino on Youngstreet (12/14/10)

HC: Jino, this is the first time you see me right? How was the first impression?

Jino: Very handsome.

HC: kkkkk. He has a nice attitude

HC: You were a trainee for only 2 years.

Jino: Yeah.

HC: Kyuhyun was a trainee for only few months

Kyu: That is because i have the ability.

HC: What about Jonghyun?

Jjong: near 3 years

HC: How was Kyuhyun’s impression of Jino?

Kyu: Jonghyun said that he was a model student. I think he must not been learning diligently. When I first saw him, it was when he was singing. It was so awesome! So the more I’m sure he is not learning diligently in school!

HC: So Jino, did you learn well in school?

Jino: ….No

HC: How was your first impression of Jay?

Jino: When I was in school, I was his fan~

HC: How did you feel about your debut stage?

Jino: Previously I only can see people standing on stage, this time round it’s finally my turn.

HC: The fourth song is recommended by Jino. What kind of song is this?

Jino: After I became a trainee, a teacher let me listened to it.

HC: So do you have any memories of this singer promoting?

Jino: No… not at all

HC: What about Jino’s second song recommendation?

Jino: That was the song that let me won the Everysing Contest and became a trainee.

Kyu: The songs that you recommended are all related to the company.

HC: That was Kim Gun Mo’s 미련.

(Credit: fuckyeahjino @ twitter)


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