All About Donghae

01 Donghae left a message for Eunhyuk that says “Hyukjae, I love you~”
Eunhyuk replies “Stop harbouring such a one-sided love.”

02 Before the bungee-jump, Eunhyuk screamed “Let’s break up, Donghae!”
Donghae replied, “Come down, I’ll hit you!”

03 Someone mentioned “I didn’t manage to sleep because of the mosquito. Hyung, teach that mosquito a lesson.”
Donghae replied, “Give me that mosquito’s full name and address, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

04 Believes he, himself, is the most popular member among SJ.

05 He likes a particular sort of hat so much that regardless of whether he sleeps, washes his face or brushes his teeth, he’ll always wear it, believing that his hair and his hat should always be together.

06 On his birthday, Donghae gave ??* and ??* presents, he gave Qie zi a pair of pants but the measurements were wrong, hence Donghae told Qie zi, “Hyung, you may not be able to fit into the pants, exchange it with someone else then~”

07 When it was time for Donghae to do the dishes, he’ll say “Hyung, let’s play a game(to decide who does the dishes).” In the end, Hangeng loses and he cried pitifully, “I was also the one who cooked the meals!”

08 In a kitchen where 10 people shares, Donghae sticks his own photographs everywhere, yet he never does the cooking.

09 In his younger days, Donghae would press the doorbell of his neighbours everyday after school, and then run off, until one day he was caught and got beaten up.

10 In his younger days, everytime the kids plays a game, whoever is placed in the same group as Donghae would definitely lose.

11 When he was in primary school, he was the school’s tallest student, nicknamed “Lee Tall Person”, but after primary school he never grew(in height) anymore, yet his dream girl’s height was 167cm.

12 When Donghae was 21 years old, he was already thinking being being a father and he said he’ll name his children “Lee Tian Kong” (Lee Sky), “Lee Hai Yang” (Lee Ocean), “Lee Yun Duo” (Lee Cloud)…

13 Donghae liked to store his money in a bucket (sort of like use it as a piggy bank)

14 When the MC asks “How do you two address your loved ones?”
Kangin said “??” (read “Baobei”, meaning “Darling”)
Donghae then blurted out, “Hyung calls all the girls ‘Baobei’.”
Then the MC asks “What about you, Donghae?”
Donghae replied “???” (read “Hai Ta Ma”, sorry but I don’t know what it means)
Kangin then said “Donghae’s dog is also called ?(Hai)”

15 After he bought Bada home, he got another dog called ??? (read “Jiu Wei Hu”, meaning “Nine-tailed fox”), people thought it was because he liked watching Naruto, yet our Donghae said “His sirname is ?(read ‘Jiu’, meaning ‘Nine’).”

16 Ryeowook had said once that he’ll always cook for his hyungs anytime.
Thus, Donghae came back at midnight after his SM training, and he woke up the sleeping Ryeowook and said “Wake up and cook for me.”
Ryeowook got upset and said “Hyung, why are you like that? I’m already sleeping, I’m not cooking.”
Donghae with innocent expression, “Why not? You said you’ll cook anytime, so I woke you up, didn’t you say that before? Well then, I won’t wake you up anymore in the future.”
Ryeowook then said, “Alright, I’ll cook for Hyung.”

17 On a particular day, Donghae rung a particular member up and said “I forgot to bring my cell phone, I’m going up to get it.”

18 Lee Donghae likes Song Hye Kyo a lot, he’ll watch her dramas repeatedly on television and if the Princess (Heechul) wanted to switch channels, he’ll shout “Hey! Kim Heechul!”, and switch the channel back.

19 Lee Donghae said that if he had a girl whom he liked, he’ll definitely go forward to confess his love “If possible, let’s do according to what I’ve said, if you think it’s a burden, I’ll stay away.”

20 When Donghae was about to take a high school examination, Princess (Heechul) got up early to cook eggs for him (for breakfast)

21 Little 13 (Kyuhyun) said “I feel honoured to know Donghae Hyung, but when I’m with him, I feel like I’m more like the hyung.”

22 When Kibum came back to Korea, Donghae was the first one to hug him

23 In his younger days, Donghae would be at the balcony, throwing coins at the cars downstairs

24 When Donghae sits for too long, he’ll unknowingly use his arm to hug his right leg

25 Lee Donghae likes kids a lot and when he sees any, he’ll want to protect them

26 “Aiden” is an English name Donghae gave himself

27 He really hates the color pink, because Rabbit (Sungmin) who lives with him, loves pink a lot and he just couldn’t stand it.
However since Rabbit’s the Hyung, he can’t do anything.
Donghae said, “I really can’t stand it, he’s so old already yet he still acts cute, always aegyo with his mother(on the phone?) and it wakes me up.”
The MC asks, “Then, didn’t you say anything?”
Donghae replies, “He’s the Hyung so I can’t do anything, I just got up and left the room.”
The MC then asks, “What if he’s the dongsaeng? Would you kick him?”
Donghae replies, “Huh? I still won’t kick him.”

28 Donghae is afraid to be alone, when he eats, he needs someone to accompany him, or else he refuses to eat.

29 He doesn’t understand why when he autographs for someone, that person will thank him, he feels he should be the one thanking, thanks to all who loves SJ

30 He thinks “Donghae” isn’t his name, yet he still writes his name as “Donghae”.

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