All About Hangeng

1. Hankyung had always told his fans that he doesn’t like eating snack/ junk food. Once, a few fans watched SJ practice from outside a window, Eeteuk or EunHyuk was lying on the sofa playing a game, and next to him was someone watching cartoons. At first, everyone thought that it was DongHae, after a long time, he turned around. It turned out to be Hankyung. Not only was he eating a lollypop, he was eating it very happily. From then on, no one believed that hannie did not like to eat snack foods.

2. Every time he hears something bad about him, or he makes a mistake, Hankyung would say: “I don’t know, I’m not very good at Korean”

3. Hankyung once said that his CY belonged to everyone, and even gave his passwords to his fans. After causing a riot, a fan asked him “ Hankyung oppa, does the CY still belong to everyone?” With a serious face, Hankyung said “ No, it belongs to Hankyung.”

4. SJ’s new song went onto the music charts, Hankyung was very excited and asked the manager “ Hyung, what was the title of our song?”

5. In July, he had an interview at the KBS building with Cool. Although Cool was late, Hankyung was not there. They called him and he replied that he was still sleeping and asked if it was Wednesday (which it wasn’t). Because HanKyung was not wearing makeup, SM did not allow pictures to be taken. Cool asked why he had not worn makeup, and he replied “ I was just sleeping, who knew that you would come…”

6. Once when HeeChul and Hankyung were shopping together, HeeChul picked up a red jumper and gave it to Hankyung. Hankyung immediately said “빨간색 싫어! 싫어!” (I don’t want it! Don’t like red!)
HeeChul asks “왜?” (Why?)
And Hankyung replies “여자같애” (too feminine)
At the same, HeeChul was wearing a red jumper.

credits: SJBLUECN (source) + LoLLiePoP@SJFULLHOUSE.NET (translations)


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