All About Kyuhyun

♥ When he was in college, there was a period when he ate a lot and became pretty chubby, but he went on a diet before debut and then he was as skinny as Hyukjae but after the accident he lost 20 kg!

♥ His family consists of his parents and an older sister and his father is the country’s Revision/Review Association Chairman. The whole family dotes on Kyu a lot, conversely, they are very strict towards his sister.

♥ When he was 16/17, he joined the Buddy Star Contest and he came in 3rd!!

♥ The other members have told him before, Kangin, “You should listen to Hyung’s words!~~” when Kyu was in a ‘rebellious’ mode, lol!

♥ Apparently, Kyu didn’t suffer from pneumothorax directly from the accident, and when he was in his 3rd year of college, he had it before and went through an operation because of that, and the operating process made him suffer a lot :(

♥ He says that when he sleeps, he snores really loudly and he’ll even drool!~

♥ Some funny daily-life incidents:
- Because he wanted to cook ramen for the hyungs, but he added too much water, until it became too bland.. and that’s how the “Han Gang Ramen” became famous!

- He isn’t good at cooking, even when he tried to fry some ham, although under Kangin’s reminder, he added sesame oil instead of cooking oil XD

- He said that children always put their socks at their bed fronts on Christmas Eve to wait for Santa’s presents, but because he himself wanted a bigger present, so he hung his pants at the bed front instead

- Loves to play games, when he was schooling, he discussed games with his friends, and he even told them that he had no allowance so that he could stay at home to play games, instead of going out with them.

- Some of the games he plays are, “Thousand Years/Infinity Gaming (?)”, “Starcraft”, “Diablo” and recently, he’s been playing “Sudden Attack”…

- He especially loves gelato, and his favourite brand is Doublesice (?)

- His favourite movie is “The Big Swindle” (click), and he also likes “Jumong” as well as “Lovers in Paris”.

- “Jumong” has 81 episodes and it showed for 10 months, and Kyu followed it diligently! And since he has a soft spot for long, ancient historical dramas, he watched “Dae Jo Yeong” after that.

- He has a glib tongue which no one can beat! Even Kangin can’t handle him! LOL.

Credits; SJ Baidu Bar


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