All About Leeteuk

- Leader of Super Junior; his name change from Park Jungsu to a stage name which was explained on "Happy Together Friends"

- Why did he change his name? No specific reason. He just wanted a "cool" name like Kangta, Hyesung or Junjin, thus he decided to change his name to Leeteuk (or Eeteuk), which means "special", because he is a "special guy". Thus, he introduces himself as, "Teuk ee Teuk ee Leeteuk ee [특이특이 이특이]", which means "Special Special Eeteuk".

- Rumours had it that Park Jungsu had a crush on Jang Nara for three years, but it was proven to be fake.

- Before debuting, Eeteuk used to reply to every single message that was left in his cyworld-- When one fan that doesn't know him personally asked for any movie suggestions, he actually left her some.

- Although his cyworld was very public in the past as 'jsplus,' after a girl took it, Eeteuk's father asked for it and is now using the cyworld address of 'jsplus' as a fansite.

- Said to be the member with the most interest in the opposite sex.

- Leeteuk got lasik (laser eye surgery), now he wears lensless glasses for fashion.

- Has a dimple just below the left side of his lips when he smile.

- Has one older sister

Before debut he was very close to Xiah Jun Su and Eunhyuk. So one day after training, Eeteuk being the oldest, decided to treat both of them with buns. However he only had money for two, so he thought maybe the three of them can share two buns. So when the train was here, Eunhyuk and Junsu said bye to hyung, took the buns, and board the train. Leaving him staring back at them blankly. He thought that he could share but they left instead.

In early 2000, Park Jung-su was scouted by a talent agent in Myeongdong. He was asked to audition for the Starlight Casting System 2000, which soon signed him into SM Entertainment that same year. Park made an extremely brief cameo appearance in the MBC Korean drama All About Eve in 2000 and was also a model for Pepsi. He was then put into a five-member boy band along with his future Super Junior bandmate, Lee Dong Hae by his talent agency before this idea was dropped. Some of the names for this group were OK, Pricor and Smile. After he was put in Super Junior, Park wanted a stage name similar to Kangta and thus chose the name Leeteuk. Teuk, which means "special."

On November 6, 2005, Leeteuk as a part of Super Junior officially debuted on SBS's Popular Songs performing the group's first single "TWINS (Knock Out)." Being the oldest of the group, Leeteuk was chosen to be the leader of Super Junior, leading and guiding the group in media interviews and schedules. Since the debut of Super Junior, Leeteuk has been a regular MC for M.NET's M!Countdown along with Super Junior members Kang In and Shin Dong. However, since late 2006, Eun Hyuk replaced Kang Ins position. Along with Eun Hyuk, Leeteuk is also the DJ for KBS's Super Junior Kiss the Radio since August 21, 2006. Starting December 2007, Leeteuk became the host of his own show, Leeteuk's Love Fighter, a variety show of Leeteuk helping to solve troubled couples' problems.

In early 2007, SM Entertainment placed Leeteuk in a new six-piece subgroup of Super Junior, Super Junior T. Different from Super Junior's usual urban music style, the group specializes in singing modernized versions of trot, an old style of Korean pop music. On February 25, 2007, Super Junior-T debuted on Popular Songs with their title song, "Rogguguh". Super Junior-T released their first single, "Rogguguh" on February 23, 2007, ultimately selling 45,998 units by the end of the year, ranked as the sixteenth best-selling album of the year.

Leeteuk became seriously injured in a car accident at the morning of April 19, 2007 when returning home after a recording of Super Junior Kiss the Radio. Along with Leeteuk, fellow members Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk, Jo Kyu Hyun, and two managers also became victims. Although Shin Dong and Eun Hyuk suffered minor injuries, Leeteuk and Jo Kyu Hyun sustained more serious injuries, which required for the two be kept in the hospital for several more months. Leeteuk had glass shards embedded into his back and above his eyes and had a successful surgery of 170 stitches in removing most of them. Leeteuk was discharged out of the hospital on April 30, 2007. However, Leeteuk may still need further surgeries to remove or minimize the scars. Due to Leeteuk's fast recovery, he was in time to do a last-minute performance in Super Junior's debut film, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007), playing the panda, who was originally played by Kim Ryeo Wook.

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