All About Shindong

1.Shindong is said to be the second dirtiest member of the group!
2.when Shindong was in middle school, he was a team leader of a group called D.R.I. im not sure what it stands for though
3.Out of all the Super Junior members, Shindong had his first kiss first.
4.when Shindong was 8, he traveled to China for about 6 months. wow thats quite long, what were you doing there oppa
5.he is Super Junior's teddy bear
6.he wants a sports car
7.shindong and eunhyuk once got left behind by the members and staff
8. Once shindong heard 2 highschool girls walking past him saying “there’s shindong” and the other girl say "really" so the girl went to see if its really him then she said “its not him!” but it was shindong
9.Shindong usually do well on variety shows, but when he does it with yesung, their parts will be cut off. Poor yesungie
10. his blood type is O
11.shindong likes to shop online because his size is sometimes unavailable in stores, and it embarrassed him when the size is unavailable
12.Shindong's been denied by several female celebs when he asked for their numbers
13.oh, did you know? shindong share rooms with the manager
14.before debuting,shindong went to sm company and saw yunho of DBSK. he wanted to take a picture without getting caught..he acts as if he was calling someone to take a picture of yunho. he got the picture. but he was caught
15.when he's going on a diet, shindong talks about foods in his sleeps


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