Fan account of SHINee’s Key as an appa!

While on the train to Daegu, where SHINee’s Key is from, a Korean blogger–both a mother and not a shawol–saw Key! Following is her fan account:

We were on the train to Daegu to visit my mother when something surprising happened, a celebrity was sitting in the same row as my family. It was SHINee’s Key-goon! At first, my husband was sitting next to him but he didn’t recognise him. 30 year old ahjusshis are all the same. Mid-way, my son went to Key’s side and kept bothering him. However, Key did not show a trace of unhappiness, instead he gave him biscuits and even played with him. What a well-mannered youth! Thanks to Key, I was very relaxed on the trip to Daegu. After we reached Daegu, right until the train station exit, Key kept holding onto my son’s hand and brought him down the train. I believe that Key will be a good father after marriage ^ ^


How nice of Key! Don’t you agree he has great father instincts?

Fan Account Credit: Baidu

Awwwwww :3 how nice he is! That's my idol! I love all of SHINee member btw esp. Onew oppa *ok skip it Ge -_-*


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