Funny Super Junior Quote 2

After Shindong finished dancing to Tell Me...
MC: (amused)
Heechul: This is really Exploration of the Human Body! How can a body like this do that kind of dance..
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 6

MC: Who is you favorite Super Junior member?
Ballerina: Donghae-sshi.
MC: Donghae!
Heechul: (drops to his knees) If I just didn't do the dance! It's because I did this. (dancing)
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 6

Kangin: Oi, a chef cannot go up there!
Hankyung: Ya, if I weren't here, you wouldn't eat!
- Super Junior Full House Episode 5

Kangin: It sounds like a group name right? Moonbangsawoo?
Heechul: Hello~ I'm Moonbang Heechul!
Kangin: Sawoo Kangin~!
Eunhyuk: And I am Eunhyuk.
- Super Junior Full House Episode 5

Heechul: It can't be helped. I, Kim Heechul, was born to successfully make women fall in love with me. It's not my fault. It's not of my free will. My mother and father created this face!
- Super Junior Full House Episode 5

*Kangin videocalling Heechul*
Kangin: Hyung! it's me!
Heechul: ...why do you look like a beggar?
- We Got Married: Kangin + Yoonji

Kyuhyun: Fu wu yuan-rrrrrr!!!! ("Waiter!" ...with a perfect Beijing accent)
- Bravely Going Forward

LuYu (host): Xiao meng...? (while calling out members' Chinese nicknames one by one)
Fans below stage: Li Xu!!!!
Ryeowook: Wei shen me???? ("why???" ... with the cutest pouty face)
Fans below stage: Because you're cute!!!
- A Date with LuYu

He Lao Shi (MC): Bungee jumping, who's willing to do it? Shi Yuan?
Siwon: ... umm.gif
He Lao Shi (MC): Okay, can you do it if Han Geng jumps with you?
Siwon: Wo bu xiang xin ta! ("I don't trust him!" laugh.gif )
- Bravely Going Forward

He Lao Shi (MC): Gui Xian will probably not do [bungee jumping]?
Kyuhyun: Is it safe?
He Lao Shi (MC): I don't know...
Xie Na (MC): If you don't bravely go forward, you'll never know what's in front of you.
Siwon: Wo men hai mei you jie hun! ("We haven't gotten married yet!" smilee.gif )
- Bravely Going Forward

He Lao Shi (MC): Zhou Mi, if you could pick one SJM member to complete this dangerous [bungee jumping] challenge with you, who would it be?
Zhou Mi: I would pick Kyuhyun.
He Lao Shi (MC): Why??
Zhou Mi: Because he can't understand Chinese! laugh.gif
He Lao Shi (MC): So you can trick him into doing it!
He Lao Shi (MC): You're his best friend... (to Kyuhyun)
Kyuhyun: Wei shen me?? ("why?" ...with a pouty face towards Zhou Mi)
Zhou Mi: ...*shrugs*
Xie Na (MC): [He's] not your friend... (to Kyuhyun)
Kyuhyun: Tai bu xiang hua le!!!! ("That's so unreasonable/inappropriate!")
- Bravely Going Forward

EunHyuk: Welcome to green world.
- Making of U MV

Kangin: Out of all the members, who has the prettiest butt?
Ryeowook: KYUHYUNNIE! Really, Kyuhyunsshi's butt is.. there's like elastic in it...
- Chunji Radio

Kangin: many people on the internet were like.. "why do only Leeteuk, Kangin and Shindong speak on TV?" BUT~ Yesung really talks a looooooot. Only that it's all edited out.
- Chunji Radio

Sungmin: I'm so good at everything, there's nothing I'm not good at, I'm a genius--
Yesung: Sungmin?
Sungmin: Yea?
Yesung: Stop talking non-sense.
- Miracle for you

Heechul (about Eeteuk): Whenever you call me to go out for a drink, we go out to eat intestines~ If you've never eaten intestines with him before, I can tell you that he eats intestines until the dregs remain, a boastworthy feat.
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Heechul (to Eunhyuk): Ya, what is that hat you're wearing~ Fashion garbage!
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Heechul (about Shindong): Super Junior's Properly Matched Visual, Shindong~ Shall I say it like that? You are all powerful~
- ??

Heechul: Stage name is DongHae, real name is Fish
- Youngstreet Radio

LeeTeuk: At first I thought HeeChul and HeeBon were sisters…
HeeChul: Wanna die? (...explanation because because both have "hee"...)
HeeChul: Based on what you say, then I will be siblings with Ha Hee Ra senior
Eh… Wait, you said SISTERS right?
- Youngstreet Radio

Kyuhyun: Yes, hello, I'm the person who quit playing games since two days ago...
Leeteuk & Eunhyuk: WHUT
Kyuhyun: I'm notgameKyu, Kyuhyun~
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Gag man (named Sungmin): Have you googled your name before?
Sungmin: I HAVE! :D
Gag man: Who comes up?
Sungmin: ME! :D
Gag man: What about me??
Sungmin: Oh, it's according to popularity.
- Gag concert

Donghae: Hyung, should we really go eat something so expensive?
Kangin: It's okay, I have a lot of money! Let's go eat hamburgers!
- Chunji Radio

Junhyung: I usually don't remember dreams..cause i'm always tired..but I remembered this one so the next day I was like, "Sungmin..I had a dream about you"....I think there's something about his eyes.
Heechul: It's cause his eyes are like fox's eyes
Sungmin: I know, I'm a bit lovable..
- Park Junhyung Radio Show

Host: Why are you the angel that lost their wings?
Eeteuk: Cause on the day I was was raining very hard..people said it was cause God sent the only angel down to earth so he was crying..
Host: Since when did Eeteuk become so critically ill?
- ?? Random unknown TV show (with Leeteuk and Heechul)

Eeteuk: I think my wings are being formed again..I think HOT WINGS (in English) are being made~ the day I get my wings back, is the day I have to go back.
Heechul: Maybe you were a chicken in your past life
- ?? Random unknown TV show (with Leeteuk and Heechul)

Donghae: Me and Teukie is originally one body. You know why? Because when Teukie hyung is not around I lost myself. You know why? Because I slept on Teukie's bed for a whole month.
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Eeteuk (to Yesung): Can I say to a member that's not here? I wanna get closer to Yesung. Yesungah, I really wanna get closer to you. Before, something happened & the other members all comforted/consoled me, saying it's okay. Like shiwon said to me, "Hyung, you're the leader, I'll always follow you", but Yesung you said, "Ah! I knew you'll be like that. You're too silly." Our parents are already so close, let's also quickly become closer.
- Chinchin

Hyukjae: Donghae was about to debut soon at that time so Junsu and I teased him. "Donghae, you're now going to change~"
Donghae: "They say celebrities change..."
Hyukjae: "We won't matter to you anymore." we said and we teased him~ We teased him, and he just walked away and then we heard sobbing from the bathroom. We were about to go in, and he punched the door, "I'm not gonna change!"
- Wonderful Outing

Eeteuk: ..I'm Eunhae fan
Kangin: Hyung because you are Leeteuk! @#$%^&*() You must like Kangteuk!! huh? huh?!
- Fan account

MC (to Hankyung): Who is your Ideal woman?
Hankyung: *just smiles and listens to the fans and keeps on smiling without saying something*
- ??

Donghae: Americano .. One .. but, sugar no. Two , Cafe latte ... but milk full.
Waitress: A lot of milk?
Donghae: *silent* Oh, a lot of mulk, a lot of mulk.
- Super Junior Full House Episode 9

Shindong: Truthully, I don't understand why Eunhyukkie has such high popularity. I think compared to Eunhyuk I'm better.
Host: But Eunhyukshii has a lot of fans
Kangin: Eunhyuk REALLY has a lot of fans
Eunhyuk: Thats Right!
Host: Eunhyuk what do you think the reason is?
Eunhyuk: Err maybe because my look is appealing (won't be bored even after looking at him for a long time). Maybe the more they see me the more goodlooking I get...
Shindong: Its not that. Maybe they think you look "pitiful" so they like you more
Kangin: Ahh compassion...
- Music Space

Yesung: To come to Music Space has been my dream since young
Kangin: But this show started not long ago...
Yesung: Even though this show is quite new, I knew in my heart all along that this show would be created.
- Music Space

Kangin: Super Junior is made up of 13 people. During our first album, there were twelve of us. We added one more during the second album. Kyu Hyun, our 13th member. Super Junior can only perform with 13 people. Just like ten fingers, you can't do without one. It's not a group like who's better or who's weaker.
- ??

Kangin: We are Super Junior because there's all 13 of us. We have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage; it's not a team where a member is bad or good, but we shine the best when all 13 of us are together.
- ??

Leeteuk: ... We are one
- ??

Host: Shindong your skin looks like a baby.
Shindong: Thank you.
Host: And your weight?
Shindong: *startled* *laughs*
- 3 Coloured Women Show

Host: Shindong is really adorable
Shindong: *flattered* Oh thank you.
Host: So what's your weight?
Shindong: o__O ...on my profile?? On my profile it says 90 kg.
Host: And the error range..?
Shindong: +/- 13 kg
- 3 Coloured Women Show

Kang Ho Dong: Why does everyone, regardless of gender or age, treat you so well?
Heechul: I guess when girls see me, they find me attractive as a man. And when guys see me, they have that feeling as well. They do it all for me. It's really not my fault.
- Yashim Man Man

Fan: Ah!! Oppa~oppa will you appear in the UFO battle tomorrow?
Sungmin: I'm from another planet~ need to go back in the UFO to go back to my planet~
- UFO reply

Heechul: You look like...poodle. Poodle.
Anya: Dog? Dog? Dog? DOG?! I hate you!
- Super Junior Full House

Host: Was it hard to learn Chinese pronounciation? Let's ask him down there, he's so speechless.
Kyuhyun: ..... *clears throat*
Fans: *lots of screaming*
Kyuhyun: *smirks, pauses for a moment* It was a hard.
Host: Siwon, and you?
Siwon: *clears throat even louder*
Fans: *lot of screaming*
Siwon: It was VERY hard.
Donghae: *coughs really loudly*
Fans: *more screaming*
Donghae: ...It was INCREDIBLY hard.
Host: Ryeowook, how was it?
Ryeowook: AIIIISH!
Host: He has many inner frustrations.
- Club7 SJ-M Interview (082907)

Host: You know, everyone's got a chest. But how can we make it go like this? *popping move*
Ryeowook: *starts doing the dance for "U" then pauses* ...How do I do it?
- Club7 SJ-M Interview (082907)

Kangin: Stop, stop. Backup
Sungmin: Is he really doing good?
Kangin: He is he is.
Sungmin: It really doesn't look like he's doing that great .. I better put on my seat belt.
- King Saturday Driving School (060916)

Sungmin: I just died... I'm alive again.
- King Saturday Driving School (060916)

Girl: Where do you get your confidence from?
Heechul: ... My face.
- Happy Shares Company

Heechul: She doesn't seem like a noona. She seems like a very comfortable aunt.
- Happy Shares Company

Heechul: Wherever I go... Being pretty causes problems
- ??

Man: Why are you like that?
Heechul: She's been married 5 years, and I've been a rascal 5 years.
- Yashim Man Man

Girl: Are you a little girl? You should let your hair down. You'll look prettier.
Heechul: Am I pretty? Very pretty? Am I pretty like this? Pretty like that? Are you jealous?
- X-Man

Yesung: There... really isn't any unexpected result in this show is it? (After failing to get into Team 1 in the rope-grabbing challenge)
- Explorers of the Human Body

??: If Kangin succeeds in getting into this box, we'll try Shindong next.
- Explorers of the Human Body

??: His bang just died and alive again. (Referring to Siwon's bang after he succeeds in getting into the box)
- Explorers of the Human Body

Eunhyuk: Remember, all you need to do is close your eyes, open your heart and feel the flow of the air around you. Just feel the flow of the air...
- Explorers of the Human Body

Heechul: He keeps getting the hind leg. Maybe he only aims the for part that he wanted to eat? (Referring to Shindong)
- Explorers of the Human Body

Heechul: Kangin-ah, if you're gonna keep going, then let's do it when you have your own solo album.
- Explorers of the Human Body

Heechul: You know... that pig? If I succeed today, I'm never gonna eat pork.
- Explorers of the Human Body

Shin Dong Yup: So who's gonna go inside this box first?
Eunhyuk: Siwon.
The rest: *nod* Yeah, Siwon.
Siwon: But why me?
Shin Dong Yup: Yeah, why it's always him to do the first try?
Eunhyuk: Cause we really want to see his well-kept pride crash down.
- Explorers of the Human Body

Foreigner: How long have you been studying English?
Heechul: ........ *frozen* YEAH~!
Foreigner: Yeah~ *laughs* So tell me again, how long have you been studying English?
Heechul: Hmmm~~ *touches head* It's really hard if it's long sentences!!! (in Korean)
- Super Junior Full House

Kangin: Don't we need to have a dance scene since we lost the game?
Donghae: Eunhyuk can dance.
Eunhyuk: I don't want to. I'm trying to change my image, I want to act more.
Eeteuk: Okay! I'll do the dance. I want to do the bboobie-bboobie dance^^
Eunhae: Why? Why?
Eeteuk: *smiles*
- Super Junior Mini Drama

Kangin : "Everyone gather! We have it! We'll win!"
Shindong : "So what do we do with this now?"
Kangin : "What do you mean, what do we do?"
Shindong : "Do we smear it on ourselves?"
Kangin : "..."
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 13

Yesung : "Come to think of it, we're the three best dancers are here." (Refering to Shindong, Eunhyuk, and him)
Shindong & Eunhyuk : "..."
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 13

Yesung : "Are you far from where we're hiding?"
Kangin : "I don't like your tone. Put Shindong on."
Yesung : "Are you~ far from where we're hiding~?"
Kangin : "Put Shindong on."
Kangin : (Hears STOP IGNOR--) *Turns off walkie talkie*
Ryewook & Hankyung : *Giggle Giggle Giggle*
Kangin : "Annoying~"
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 13

Kangin: *talking about how he likes roses*
Kyuhyun: ...Aren't you easy?
Kangin: I'm not easy.
Kyuhyun: You're not easy?
Kangin: He's not easy? (referring to Sungmin) He's not easy. Sungmin is not easy.
Kyuhyun: *stares at Sungmin for a while* Sungmin is easy.
Kangin: *agrees* Sungmin is easy.
- Chunji Radio (061024)

Yesung (to get more air time): And every since I heard the song "Snails" of sunbaenim (the host), I've wanted to raise snails.
- Music Space

*Everyone asking Kibum how the meat tastes*
Kibum: *still chewing...finally stops...then says...* It's not cooked~
- Super Junior Full House

Donghae: Dully's friend.. do you know Dully? he's *aaaaaa~~* (impersonating a dinasour with both of his hands like a scissors)
- Star Golden Bell

Eunhyuk: It's what you feel.. your feeling.
Donghae: In Mandarin it's called "gan.. gan jue.. gan jue".
Leeteuk: Didn't he said he was learning? he still said it wrongly!
Eunhyuk: In English it's called 'FEEL'.
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Eunhyuk: [Ryeowook] asked me this morning, ah it was last night: "Hyung, tomorrow we'll be on Sukira.. I haven't been there in a long time.. should I style my hair before i go or wear a cap instead?". I said, "if you haven't met the korean fans in a long time, go style your hair before coming".
Leeteuk: It looks really good.
Ryeowook: Thank you.
Donghae: Why didn't you say anything to me?
Eunhyuk: You didn't ask me anything.. you didn't ask me~~
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Ryeowook: Ni Hao~ Wo Jiao Li Xu..
Leeteuk: ah! Li Xu! Very Good!! (in english)
Eunhyuk: the pronounciation sounds really good
Ryeowook: Li Xu~~~ (in a sexy voice)
Eunhyuk: ah please interview them, Leeteuk-sshi
Leeteuk: Eer Li Xu..uh.. Lai Lai! (come, come)
Ryewook: Lai Lai? okay..
Leeteuk: Wo Ai Ni Men
Eunhyuk: You really don't know how to continue, right?
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

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