Funny Super Junior Quote

Leeteeuk: Looks like we'll be working this summer with this album. As our new song...
*Donghae comes and interferes*
Donghae: As our new song... eh! *backs away* continue...
Leeteuk: *nods* This year... It's a remake album...
*Donghae interferes again*
Donghae: With this remake album... eh!
*Donghae confuses himself*
Leeteuk: *continuing the interview* All the singers from SMTown...
Donghae: It's SMTown... *looked away, confused* SMTown!
Leeteuk: In our case...
Donghae: Super Junior that's us!!
- SMTOWN Summer 2007 Jacket Photoshoot

*It was Kibum's turn to be interviewed.. Donghae interrupts again*
Donghae: What was the question? Feelings about the photoshoot?
Kibum: I'm sorry I'll do it without him! I'll do it later when he's not around.. he's bothering me..
- SMTOWN Summer 2007 Jacket Photoshoot

Yesung was about to be lifted upside down with a huge machine bacause he asked about digesting while being upside down.
Eunhyuk: I think we should be careful about what we wish for.
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 2

Leeteuk: Let's hear about Donghae's new year wish in 2009.
Donghae: Firstly, its about Super Junior 3rd come back album will be able to receive more love. Super Junior members will continue to stay healthy and also Eunhyuk to answer my phone calls. It seems like Eunhyuk is always watching a movie.
Aren't you always watching the midnight show? Stop watching that.
Eunhyuk: I know!!!
Donghae: Ah....Watching movies with Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk: Ah...So your new year wish is to watch movies with me?
- Sukira Kiss The Radio (081231)

Kangin : Close your eyes..
Eunhyuk : Oh~ I can't see..
Kangin : Do you believe me?
Eunhyuk : NO!
Kangin : Do you have money?
Eunhyuk : Uh?!
Kangin : Do you have money?
Eunhyuk : Money? Who are you?
- Super Junior Full House

Heechul : Calm down, down get me wrong.
Lady: Oh. Don't get you wrong.
Heechul: *Yells at Siwon* If not because of me you will be in big trouble.
- Super Junior Full House

Guy : Have you went to mountain climb before?
Eunhyuk : Short.
Guy : Do you mountain climb?
Eunhyuk : Very short.
Guy : Do you like mountain?
Eunhyuk : Ah yea yea.. I like mountain.
- Super Junior Full House

Donghae: Give me my book. I'm sorry.
- Super Junior Full House Episode 1

ELF: Oppa, don't go to any place, do not change.
Eunhyuk: Also cannot go to the toilet?
- UFO reply

ELF: Is Eunhae or Haeeun?
Eunhyuk: Because I am more handsome, so it's Eunhae.
Donghae: It's Haeeun!!
- UFO reply

Teacher Moon Daniel: What is music to you?
Eunhyuk: .......PASS!
- Super Junior Full House

Eunhyuk: Hello, we are Eunhae!
Dongahe: !!
Donghae: PUAHAHAHahahah... seriously can you say that in public?
Eunhyuk: What are you talking about? I just shortened things. Eunhyuk, Donghae, so Eunhae.
- Super Junior Adonis Camp

Heechul: Have you seen a ghost before?
Siwon: My father, went to a prayer meeting to pray one time, a long time ago. Then one person suddenly collapsed, he was shaking and had foam in his mouth and said, "you did this to me" in a low voice. Then the pastor went to him and prayed and he got better like nothing happened.
Heechul: *laughs* The point of this story is that we should believe in church. To believe in God.
Siwon: If you believe in God, you will have a blessed life.
Heechul (who is an atheist): Then you are saying I'm living a curse life?
- Mystery 6

Donghae: It was sitting on my stomach.
Heechul: What did it do on your stomach.
Donghae: It didn't DO anything on my stomach.
Heechul: *starts laughing* No, that's NOT what I mean...
Shindong: *starts laughing*
Heechul: YA! *slaps Shindong* Just continue reading your book!
- Mystery 6

Heechul: Didn't we just say that God is very fair? I have the good looks, the brain and the knowledge... so of course I don't have a good temper!
- Love Letter

Heechul: Hankyungsshi, which is your favourite song from the album? *whispers Rokkugo, Rokkugo* So what's your favourite song? *whispers again, Rokkugo!!*
Hankyung: Ahh, why are you doing this?!
- Sukira Kiss The Radio

Leeteuk: I'm smiling like U-kiss (he means like Dong Ho)
Siwon: There's ten years age gap between them!
Hangeng: It's 12 years!
Leeteuk: There's no need to point that out!
Host: Ahh, so Hankyung who pretends he's forgotten Korean until he had to point out the 12 year age gap!
- Star Golden Bell

Nicole: So which member helps you with Korean?
Hangeng: None!
- Star Golden Bell

Hangeng: Yesung, snap out of it!
- Star Golden Bell

Host: Ahh, Yesung has changed his tactics...
Yesung: When I thought of being looked down on by Hankyung...
- Star Golden Bell

Kyuhyun: Leeteuk looks like he's in his thirties!
Leeteuk: I do NOT look like I'm in my thirties!
Kyuhyun: Ok, in his late twenties!
- Super Junior Promotion at Thailand

Donghae (in Korean): Hello, I'm Donghae.
Hangeng (in Mandarin): Hello, I'm Hangeng.
Siwon (in Korean): Hello, I'm Siwon.
Zhoumi (in Mandarin): Hello, I'm Zhoumi.
Kyuhyun (in Thai): Hello, I'm Kyuhyun!
- SJ-M Arirang Interview

Eeteuk: Patting its butt will help in its eating.
- MNet Show

Eunhyuk: Donghae-ah! We're not compatible! Let’s break up!
- Super Junior Adonis Camp
Eunhyuk: Siwon's really serious but acts really cute too. Because he acts cute and is prone to skinship.
If I say, "good work, good work..."
Siwon says, "Eunhyukah, did I do good?"
"Good work" I say..
"If I'm good, give me a kiss~" he says.
- 3 Coloured Women Show

Kim Won Hee: Are you the youngest at home?
Siwon: No, I'm the oldest son.
Kim Won Hee: The oldest son? Then why do you crave love so much?
Siwon: I don't know... that is. I'm just happy when I'm with the members.
Kim Won Hee: How many times have you been in true love?
Siwon: I don't know...
Kim Won Hee: Real love...
Siwon: Because I'm still young... I think there are different forms of love..
Lee Youngja: Even if you're old... if you can't just can't.
Kim Won Hee: How many women were there that you could say was love?
Siwon: My mother.
Kim Won Hee: *getting annoyed* Not like that~!
- 3 Coloured Women Show

Kangin: Super Junior is poisoned by E.L.F.
Kyuhyun: Our strong troops, that we should hold in tight forever.
Sungmin: I feel like I won't be able to do anything without E.L.F.
Siwon: They are like the heart which is the most necessary thing while I live.
Eunhyuk: Even after I get old, I want to sing for them.
Leeteuk: If E.L.F don't exist, I would just be an empty shell.
Ryeowook: Really.. they are like Ever Lasting Friends.
Heechul: If there were no E.L.F, Super Junior wouldn't exist.
Kibum: They are like the shelter that I can rely upon.
- Super Junior’s message to E.L.F.

Leeteuk: Thank you for making me to shine.
Heechul: Because E.L.F exist, Super Junior is Eternal.
Hangeng: All the more important E.L.F. Thank you so much and I love you.
Yesung: Everlasting, reliable defender E.L.F..... I Love You.
Kangin: As like we started together, let's put up the end together.
Shindong: I hope we can be the one forever.
Sungmin: Super Junior can sing because of E.L.F.'s support.
Eunhyuk: You guys are so precious for me. Don't be change with each other.
Donghae: I will keep in my heart, even after I die, the fact that I met E.L.F.
Siwon : They are like the oxygen.
Ryeowook: Ever Lasting Friend that I can be together keeping mutual relationship.
Kibum: They encourage me and inspire me deep into my mind.
Kyuhyun: They are the existence that has to be there with us.
- Super Junior’s message to E.L.F.

ELF: Donghae oppa, marry me ~
Donghae: When? I will go prepare ~
- UFO reply

Leeteuk: Super Junior is always 13.
ELF: *scream out of happiness*
Leeteuk: How many members do Super Junior have?
- Fanmeeting

Heechul: Undead petals, JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME.
- Heechul’s Cyworld

Heechul: What I've gained is imagination and a fantasy world, and lost touch with reality.
- Yashim Man Man

Donghae: Did you wear underwear today?
Kyuhyun: No, I didn't wear underwear.
Donghae: *touches Kyuhyun's pants*
- Super Junior Mini Drama Episode 5

Shindong: Eyeballs…
- Super Junior Mini Drama Episode 5

Donghae: You stink~
- Super Junior Mini Drama Episode 5

Shindong: Did you brush your teeth today?
Eunhyuk: Puwhahahahha.
- Super Junior Mini Drama Episode 5

Kyuhyun: My mama told me~
- She Wants It Lyrics

Heechul: Young Kim Heechul liked a girl whose name I won’t say.
MC: Why wouldn’t you say her name?
Heechul: Because if I say it, there will be a scandal.
- Star King

Host: When Heechul first debuted, weren't you famous for your good looks?
Heechul: But when I went on a talk show, it fell apart.
- Come to Play

Eunhyuk: Actually, I revealed it (abs) a few times but it all got cut.
- Explorers of the Human Body Episode 5

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