Yesung's Goodbye Message to Ddangkoma

Ddangkoma is the biggest tortoise in that picture. Kkoming is Yesung's newest puppy

[0329 KTR Yesung’s goodbye message to Ddangkoma] My turtle’s name is Ddangkoma, because it’s a tortoise so please never put it into water, it can’t swim. I hope you can live well Ddangkoma, I will miss you…You have grown too big to be kept at home, I’m sorry TT although (I) even rebuild the turtle nest for you…but didn’t thought that you will grow so big in such a short time, 80years later when we both became grandfathers(,) we shall meet again.

【0329JKTR 艺DJ给宠物龟的离别赠言】我的小乌龟名字叫陆地小鬼,因为是陆地龟所以千万别把它放水里去,它不会游泳。希望你过得好啊陆地小鬼,我会想你的…你长得太大了没法养在家里了,对不起TT虽然为了你连乌龟巢都重建了…但是没想到你会在这么短的时间里长这么大,80年后我们都变成老爷爷了再见。

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