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Tribute to Jonghyun

2 weeks has passed since Kim Jonghyun left us.
Some has already overcome the sadness, some are still in denial, and some are still grieving and mourning.
He left us so fast and unexpectedly.
He always share his thought, his point of view, his happiness and his worries.
I remember the time he said goodbye on Blue Night for the sake of his health and he gained weight afterward, said that he can sleep earlier than ever. We were so happy and relieved.  
Im mad at people who pointing their finger to members, family, and fans for not taking care of him.
I think everyone has already did their best. So did Jonghyun. He tried to seek help from doctor but the answer is too harsh for him. He also seek help from his friend but maybe he hasnt find the right answer. I wish no one will be in that position ever again.
as Onew said on his post in Instagram
"It doesnt matter who you are and what you do. You have to remember this one thing. Someone loves you more than you love yourself. I will ch…