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Satu kata ini yang tak henti-hentinya kuucapkan hari ini. "Allah will make a way when it seems like there is no way"
It is a good phrase to tell my condition today. 2 months ago I applied for a scholarship program and found out that I didnt make it 3 weeks ago. Accepting that it might be what Allah has written for me, I moved on. I was praying so hard for something that I really want and thought that this is the best for my future. I prayed hopelessly. I believe that this is the best for me. Until one day I realise, Allah know what's the best for me. I change the way I think. I pray for the best. I surrender to what Allah has written for me.Then a good news come.
It's not the thing that i pray hopelessly.
It's even better than that.
Waaaayyy better. I am accepted for the scholarship. It's such a miracle. Speechless? Yes I am. Absolutely."When we pray, Allah hears more than we say,  answer more than we ask,  and gives more than…


Hi, im back~
In this post I want to share about the advantages of joining a fanclub. As seen in this blog, I join 2 fanclubs. The Changcuters and SHINee World.
I love to listen to their songs to relieve my mind at first. As both of these teams are talented, funny, and can entertain people. The story began when I was a junior high school student. That time I was captivated by The Changcuters humoris side and also enjoyed their music. Someone said "what's the use of being a fan? You cant even meet them or they dont even know you exist. If you can meet them then I wont say anything"I was an introvert. Not the one who always want to be alone, I just dont know how to start a conversation. Those words were so hard to do but I put it aside and tried to get closer to their staff and fans. By doing this, it really improves my social life a lot. And I also gained many friends. The staff were also kind to me as I sometimes helped them when they held a concert in my city. They also …