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Funny Super Junior

A little kid who lived in Super Junior’s neighborhood saw Yesung walking into the dorm and kindly told him, “Hey, you know that Super Junior lives there, right?” Yesung and this kid were in the elevator together. Yesung asked him what singer he liked. “Super Junior,” the kid replied. “Who in Super Junior is your favorite?” “Yesung.” Yesung was about to give him his autograph when the kid asked, “so who are you by the way?”A fan went to an autograph signing event to get Heechul’s autograph. Freaking out upon seeing Heechul, she started screaming “Kim Heechul! Look over here! Kim Heechul!” Heechul shouted back, “How old are you! How dare you not use honorifics!”Right after Kyuhyun’s debut, some of the Only 12-ers protesting in front of the SME headquarters started shouting that he had a nose job as he walked into the building. He came right back out and started explaining how his nose is 100% au naturel.Hangeng was about to walk into the SM building when a huge, …

To ELF Indonesia

To my precious ELF Fellows (who live in Indonesia),KIBUM'S and YESUNG'S BIRTHDAY PROJECT (here: IS not for Kibum and Yesung only, It also FOR US.WHY? Because if this project is success,SUJU Will know that they have an ELF in INDONESIA. Means the possibility of SS3 in Indonesia WILL BE BIGGER.

So what we have to do is spread this info and DO PARTICIPATE by donating the money. For all admins,please do persuade your followers to participate (but of course don't force them). We have to put all of our strengths to make this project to be success. Because it won't stop until here.We will make another project for others SJ Members. LETS DO OUR BEST! REMEMBER this project is not for KIBUM and YESUNG ONLY, BUT IT ALSO FOR OUR SAKE. ITS TIME TO LET SUPER JUNIOR KNOW THAT INDONESIAN ELF IS REALLY EXIST!!


Hey guys!
do you know about logy fams?
a few weeks ago I was their big fans!
they post a lot of facts, pict and videos..
and they have a lot of good admin^^

so, please follow them^^


Yesung's and Kibum's Birthday Project

(pls spread this project through your blog :D)

In this project,we'll put an ad in one of Indonesia's media print, Seputar Indonesia, on august 21st (for Kibum birthday) and august 24th (for yesung birthday) which is containing a birthday greeting for them.
Moreover,we'll also give our support for SJ and SS3 which will start soon in korea.

How to participate on it?
ELF could donate at least RP.50.000 for this ad.
The donation will be transferred to BCA Ervilia Lupita Adriyanti before August 18th 2010. After you've transfer you have to confirm it to 0878 8037 5887 by write down your account twitter or tweet me .
The more donation we get, the better the ad is (for big full color ad + photo, we need a big fund and it could be more than RP.500.000)

What is the purpose of this project?
Right after the ad is published, we'll scan it and show it to the member of SJ so they could know that the number of Indonesian ELF…

ga jelas

hai hai ^^
*tiup debu* wah! banyak sawang laba-laba juga nih blog ku xD
mian jagiyaa~ sibuk nih tugas numpuk, sibuk nyuapin si Ddang nih deuh xD

aku mau nyeritain diklat kemarin dulu deh..
aku sama Ghassani kan 'terkenal' kpopers di ICT *esseeeehh!!*
nah kami disuruh nyanyi+nge-dance -____-

nge-dance aja masih kaku anget ahelah~
terus aku juga dapat predikat KAKAK TERGARING O.O

heloooooo saya garing ya? salah kan Panda kenapa dia meularkannya pada saya. huh