Satu kata ini yang tak henti-hentinya kuucapkan hari ini. "Allah will make a way when it seems like there is no way"
It is a good phrase to tell my condition today. 2 months ago I applied for a scholarship program and found out that I didnt make it 3 weeks ago. Accepting that it might be what Allah has written for me, I moved on. I was praying so hard for something that I really want and thought that this is the best for my future. I prayed hopelessly. I believe that this is the best for me. Until one day I realise, Allah know what's the best for me. I change the way I think. I pray for the best. I surrender to what Allah has written for me.Then a good news come.
It's not the thing that i pray hopelessly.
It's even better than that.
Waaaayyy better. I am accepted for the scholarship. It's such a miracle. Speechless? Yes I am. Absolutely."When we pray, Allah hears more than we say,  answer more than we ask,  and gives more than…


Hi, im back~
In this post I want to share about the advantages of joining a fanclub. As seen in this blog, I join 2 fanclubs. The Changcuters and SHINee World.
I love to listen to their songs to relieve my mind at first. As both of these teams are talented, funny, and can entertain people. The story began when I was a junior high school student. That time I was captivated by The Changcuters humoris side and also enjoyed their music. Someone said "what's the use of being a fan? You cant even meet them or they dont even know you exist. If you can meet them then I wont say anything"I was an introvert. Not the one who always want to be alone, I just dont know how to start a conversation. Those words were so hard to do but I put it aside and tried to get closer to their staff and fans. By doing this, it really improves my social life a lot. And I also gained many friends. The staff were also kind to me as I sometimes helped them when they held a concert in my city. They also …

Pengalaman Tes (UUO PT) Koperasi Bappenas

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi WabarakatuhDalam postingan kali ini saya ingin membagikan pengalaman saya dalam mengikuti Tes Potensi Akademik yang diselenggarakan oleh Bappenas. Sebelumnya saya akan menjelaskan kenapa saya mengikuti tes ini. TPA dibutuhkan oleh beberapa universitas maupun lembaga untuk mengukur tingkat kecerdasan seseorang. Saya mengikuti tes ini untuk memenuhi persyaratan melamar S2.Informasi terkait TPA UUOPT Bappenas, proses pendaftaran, dan jadwal lebih lanjut dapat anda lihat di laman berikut: sedikit takut dengan tes ini karena membaca beberapa review yang mengatakan tes Bappenas cukup sulit. Namun apa salahnya mencoba? InsyaAllah usaha tidak akan mengkhianati hasil. Benar bukan? Hal-hal yang harus dilakukan untuk mengikuti TPA Bappenas dari pendaftaran hingga persiapan:
1. Jadwal Tes
 Sebelum mendaftar, ada baiknya anda melihat jadwal tes terlebih dahulu. Bappenas bekerja sama dengan berbagai lembaga penyelenggara di beb…

Tribute to Jonghyun

2 weeks has passed since Kim Jonghyun left us.
Some has already overcome the sadness, some are still in denial, and some are still grieving and mourning.
He left us so fast and unexpectedly.
He always share his thought, his point of view, his happiness and his worries.
I remember the time he said goodbye on Blue Night for the sake of his health and he gained weight afterward, said that he can sleep earlier than ever. We were so happy and relieved.  
Im mad at people who pointing their finger to members, family, and fans for not taking care of him.
I think everyone has already did their best. So did Jonghyun. He tried to seek help from doctor but the answer is too harsh for him. He also seek help from his friend but maybe he hasnt find the right answer. I wish no one will be in that position ever again.
as Onew said on his post in Instagram
"It doesnt matter who you are and what you do. You have to remember this one thing. Someone loves you more than you love yourself. I will ch…

Animal Derived Content in Some Skincare

Attracted by global cosmetic brand gave me a task to do.
Nowadays, a lot of make up consist of gelatin, collagen, placenta, AHA, etc. Some of these ingredients comes from animal (esp pork by-products) even from human placenta. Sounds disgusting but that's the fact we are facing right now.

When I was trying to buy cosmetics, my friend named Aisyah always remind me to check the ingredient to make sure it is safe from any haram ingredient since they doesnt have halal certificate. We always discuss about some content before buy the product. One day I saw a forum about halal cosmetics and found many ingredients that maybe comes from animal and I didnt know it before. To make sure my cosmetics and skincare are safe from this ingredient, I contact their customer service and here are the answer:

I only use its Return Whitening Cream as seen below. Im super impressed by their customer care! here are the emails regarding animal content in their product.

Im impressed at how they an…

Berbekal Sabda Rasulullah SAW

SHINee World Concert V in Jakarta

12 November 2016, Noted as a historical day of my life (ok lebay)
Okay, mari saya ceritakan keseluruhan drama fangirling ini

Sebagian fans mungkin memiliki kesempatan yang cukup besar untuk dapat mengikuti segala kegiatan idol mereka. But not with me. Entah itu kendala waktu, kegiatan kampus, money, or maybe izin.
Sudah beberapa kali saya melewatkan konser yang bahkan di sponsori oleh teman saya karena kendala laboratorium. Ya pada saat itu kegiatan laboratorium lebih penting dibandingkan mengejar oppa hehe.

(Credit to: mymusictaste) Singkat saja, 18 Oktober 2016, Mymusictase memberi sebuah kejutan yang sangat mengejutkan (apaan lagi bahasanya haha). Memang mengejutkan XD. Saat itu saya sedang fokus pada ujian meja hijau yang tak kunjung mendapat jadwal dikarenakan kegiatan dosen yang sangat padat. Sontak saya termotivasi untuk segera menyelesaikan ujian meja hijau sebelum tanggal 12 November. Akhirnya saya dinyatakan lulus pada tanggal 2 November 2016 (HOREEEEEEEE) dan langsung merenc…