30 Strong facts about Kangin

1. Kangin’s ideal type is a girl who has nice feet. The second toe can’t be longer than the first.Rich,pretty girl and long straight hair.

2. Kangin was originally auditioned to be an actor.

3. During trainee days, Kangin was put in a 4-members project group called Four Seasons together with his now fellow bandmate Kim Heechul and DBSK’s Jaejoong and Yunho.

4. He dreamed to be a war general when he was young.

5. In high school, Kangin was confessed with love by a guy.

6. Kangin favorite English phrase was you’re so beautiful.

7. He’s known to be pair up with Leeteuk known as Kangteuk.

8. All members chose him as the least trusted person cause he would tell the media their secrets.

9. Have the manly feature in Super Junior also the trouble maker

10. Loves to pull down Eunhyuk pants during their broad cause of Exploring the Human Body.

11. The strongest member and every one is scare of him.

12. Crankiest when he’s in the morning and don’t have enough sleep.

13. Was part of brothers band with Heechul a variety show of where they produce their own group/rock band

14. Kangin use to drive a Lexus IS300 (Sedan) but now he drives a rover.

15. Eldest son; no siblings

16. 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2002

17. Kangin loves kids although during Super Junior Adonis the kids didn’t like him.

18. Kangin says he want to be part of super junior for the rest of his life.

19. Kangin gets mad when Shindong loses weight because then he would be put on the spot for his weight.

20. He is Korea′s # 1 handsome guy.(according to him)

21. Anya [Full House] gave him the nickname, raccoon.

22. He is a tough guy, but he′s really a warm-hearted person.

23. Kangin likes to pay for his girl friend and hates it when his girl friend spend money on him because he felt as a man he should pay for everything.

24. Kangin is close friends with Tablo from Epik high

25. In SNSD he’s close to Taeyeon due to their radio show.

26. Heechul says HongKi from FT Island look like Kangin.

27. Kangin is extremely hyper when he’s on TV

28. His first appearance was through a drama.

29. He’s known to be awkward with Sungmin because Sungmin is more feminine

30. He’s proud to be a part of Super Junior and always mention his brothers

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