[RANDOM] Super Junior Fun Facts 3

1) Siwon's accident

Leeteuk: Yesterday after exercising, suddenly SiWon said he wanted to go to Han-Gang (river) @ 2am.

Eunhyuk: at Dawn?

Leeteuk: Yes.. So Siwon went there with his small motorcycle and I drove my car.

Eunhyuk: But that time, it was raining…

Leeteuk: Yeah, in the rain.. Siwon said “Hyung! I’m macho!” and he kept riding his motorcycle… Anyway, he arrived there before me, and he called “Hyung, where are you? Why are you late?” He thought I was already there and he started dancing in front of a car thinking it was mine

Eunhyuk: Omg that was the same model as yours…

Leeteuk: Yes, he kept saying “Hyung get out! Get you!” and was dancing… And he thought, “oh my dance is not good enough…” and started dancing harder…

Eunhyuk: He didn’t know who the person inside the car was, because the windows were tinted.

Leeteuk: Yeah, and he said “I didn’t get out,” so he knocked on the window and said “Hyung! Why don’t you get out?!” And the window opened to a surprised lady! She was really surprised! “Omo!” Then he ran away.


2) Self-Loving Leeteuk

Leeteuk: When I was young, whatever I was unsatisfied about, I would vent to my mother, if there is anything bad about my character, it’s my mother’s entire fault!
Eunhyuk: You’re not satisfied with your character? Like for example?
Leeteuk: For example the picky side of me, not being satisfied with my current situation, not being tall enough, not being handsome enough…… All these dissatisfactions, I would tell them to my mother.
Eunhyuk: Actually, I feel that there isn’t any area where I am not perfect. Hahahaha, I feel that I am the world’s most handsome person.
Leeteuk: Are you a frog in a well? Don’t you ever watch television?
Eunhyuk: How can this be?
Leeteuk: Then why do you think like that? Don’t you have a pair of eyes?
Eunhyuk: In school, I was the most handsome person.
Leeteuk: Did everyone really say that, or are you flattering yourself?
Eunhyuk: When I was young, my mom always called me “My handsome son”, and that time she was watching the television drama “Sunny Place of the Young”
Leeteuk: The one with Bae Yong Joon!
Eunhyuk: Everyone said I looked exactly like Bae Yong Joon.
Leeteuk: In which aspect?
Eunhyuk: I really feel this way.
Leeteuk: Really alike.
Eunhyuk: And then my mom even went to make me a pair of glasses……
Leeteuk: Really alike, even the heels look alike.
Eunhyuk: And there are some people that say I look like Jang Dong Gun
Leeteuk: When I was in elementary school and I went to places such as banks, the staff would say I was really handsome. I’m not joking, I really heard a lot of people say I looked like Bae Yong Joon.
Eunhyuk: The bank staff only say these to win over customers.
Leetuek: Won’t someone have something better to do than to win over an Elementary School customer.
Eunhyuk: They want to win over your parents.


3) Eunhyuk Took Acetone* to Wipe His Eye

Eunhyuk: Hanyi is KTR’s guest today, I have a very deep fate with her.
Leeteuk: Both of you have met before? (Hinting: You’ve dated before?)
Eunhyuk: Um… I’ve seen her before. (Implying: We just know each other)
Leetuek: Then later, let’s hear their love story.
Eunhyuk: In the past, I already felt Hanyi could sing very well. Her real name is Jang Hanyi, and during my elementary school S.R.D activities, she was my schoolmate, but younger than me by a year. At that time, she was a singing ace.
Leeteuk: Did you mix with each other?
Eunhyuk: We’ve never mixed with each other before, after she saw S.R.D, she made up her mind to be a singer.
Hanyi: I can prove their popularity.
Eunhyuk: Hurry, tell us about S.R.D
Hanyi: At that time I was in grade 6, S.R.D had graduated to Junior High. Whenever our school had commemorative events, they would invite S.R.D back to perform, and when they came the girls would go crazy. They’re really, really very popular, they’re the big stars of the Goyang City Valley.
Leeteuk: At the start of the program, how much bribes did you accept from Eunhyuk?
Eunhyuk: Tsk~ At that time, we held dreams of becoming singers, and it’s very delightful that we’re so successful now.
* Hanyi is a solo female singer.


4) Leeteuk’s Loyal Male Fan

Leeteuk: It seems like many people feel that kids who chase idols do not study, actually this isn’t the case. I have a fan, he’s one of the members from a male fan group, and he got into a top college. He often gives me gifts, and he’s been following us since debut.
Eunhyuk: Yes, he’s even been in our KTR recording studio.
Leeteuk: But he’s been following us like this, but yet is able to get into “Y” university based on his own ability, it really gave me a shock.
Eunhyuk: So everyone that is working or studying, listening to our program is very beneficial.


5) Jackie Chan Bird‘s Nest Concert

Eunhyuk: Last week, we received a call from Jackie Chan personally, to invite us to perform at the World Star, Jackie Chan’s Charity Concert.
Leeteuk: This is a concert that is within sight, but not beyond reach of all the people in Asia. There are about 100 performers, many of them are only going on stage to say hi, but we get to go on stage and sing on our own……
Eunhyuk: And it’s two songs.
Leeteuk: On top of that, Jackie Chan said that around the hotel, there are too many fans and accidents might happen, he asked us to walk with him.
Eunhyuk: He’s really a nice person, this is our first time meeting him in person, he’s so helpful to us, and even chatted with us so happily…..
Leeteuk: (imitating Jackie Chan) I used to have a Korean girlfriend!
Eunhyuk: Yes, yes, his Korean is very good. We’ve watched plenty of Jackie Chan’s movies, for example “Rush Hour”……
Leeteuk: The first time I watched his movie, it was “Police Story” in elementary

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