Yesung is going to donate his pet, Ddangkkoma

2 days ago on Sukira, Yesung said that he is going to donate his first pet, Ddangkoma.
He said Ddangkoma is too big to keep so, he wanted to donate it.

He has bought a new dog named Kkoming few days ago.
Last night, still on Sukira he said he will donate Ddangkoma today (30/03).

He added "Ddangkoma is a land turtle, do not place it in a water. It cant swim"

This news was gave me a shock! Coz Ddangkoma is his 1st pet, it's expensive and Yesung called his pet as 'dongsaeng'

Ok. Yesung has made his decision. We must support him. Ddangkoma, wherever you are, please be healthy ^^ Yesung, Me and other Clouds love you. MUAAAAH

I need correction. So if I have a mistake, just tell me :)


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