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f(x) 1st album!

FINALLY IT'S OUT XDWho is your favorite member? I was confused about my favorite member but now..... Amber is the first while Sulli is the second ;)
here the MV teaser of Pinnochio
and this is the full MV cr: sment
Full album 1. Pinnochio (Danger) 2. Round (Sweet Witches) 3. Dangerous 4. Beautiful Goodbye 5. Gangsta Boy 6. Child (Love) 7. Stand Up 8. My Style

Fact About SHINee part 2

51. Minho works out regularly 52. When travelling via plane, both Taemin and Key like to sit in window seat 53. Key loves Youtube very much 54. Key was really nervous for their debut album music video making. He was concerned about so many things. After that one though, he thought "WOW MV are nothing to worry about!" 55. When Key talking with SHINee, his daegu accent only comes out from time to time. but when he talks with his friends or parents, he speaks compeletely in a daegu accent 56. During the year end award ceremonies, SHINee hard work till very late and then rehearse till 9AM for their concert 57. When asked to choose "A person you still feel awkward with", Onew held up F(LUNA)'s name 58. During trainee days, Minho used to show a picture of Taemin to his friends and ask them "isnt he cute?" 59. Onew used to roll over to Taemin's bed 60. Key would buy clothes for his girlfriends 61. Onew learned a lot about sex from school 62. Minho tidies up the boo…

30 Strong facts about Kangin

1. Kangin’s ideal type is a girl who has nice feet. The second toe can’t be longer than the first.Rich,pretty girl and long straight hair.

2. Kangin was originally auditioned to be an actor.

3. During trainee days, Kangin was put in a 4-members project group called Four Seasons together with his now fellow bandmate Kim Heechul and DBSK’s Jaejoong and Yunho.

4. He dreamed to be a war general when he was young.

5. In high school, Kangin was confessed with love by a guy.

6. Kangin favorite English phrase was you’re so beautiful.

7. He’s known to be pair up with Leeteuk known as Kangteuk.

8. All members chose him as the least trusted person cause he would tell the media their secrets.

9. Have the manly feature in Super Junior also the trouble maker

10. Loves to pull down Eunhyuk pants during their broad cause of Exploring the Human Body.

11. The strongest member and every one is scare of him.

12. Crankiest when he’s in the morning and don’t have enough sleep.

13. Was part of brothers band with Heechu…

If Kangin was in a toilet without paper....

Friday’s Chun Bang Ji Chuk was about “How would you respond if someone texted you saying…“
And today’s theme was “I’m in a public restroom but there’s no toilet paper”
So KangIn texted a few people, telling them he’s in the toilet without the paper to see how they respond…

he texts the super junior members.

SungMin called him instead of texting him… so KangIn called him back so that the conversation could be heard on air.

Sungmin’s the only nice one… so he asked KangIn where he is and said that he’ll go over and bring KangIn the toilet paper lol.
But he was talking in the respective form to kangin about half the time…(i thought they all speak lowered form to each other?)

Then he calls HeeChul… HeeChul’s ringback tone is “Chutcha”… only his part
Heechul’s talking with his mouth full.

kangin: Hyung, Im in trouble… (explains the situation…)
HeeChul: Hmm just let your “dung” dry (‘dung’ = POO. LOL DISGUSTING HAHAHAHAHA THAT MADE MY LAUGH)
KangIn: HYUNG!
KangIn: Hyung, im not gonna leave here until yo…

Fact About SHINee part 1

1. Opera makes Onew cry when he listens to it 2. Key went to the Ne-Yo concert together with Amber 3. SHINee sexiest part according to them: Jonghyun (his lips), Minho (his gaze), Key (his shape of eyes), Taemin (his collarbones) 4. SHINee denies watching porn 5. Minho has high standart. When he sees beautiful celebrities, he will only say, "Yeah she's pretty" 6. When asked, "Who do you look like the most?" Onew answered, "MY PARENTS" 7. Taemin said that Onew looks weird when he's serious 8. Taemin saved a cat from getting ran over by cars 9. Key's favorite kind of coffee is American coffee 10. Minho often texted jonghyun while he was resting (because of injury). Although Jonghyun said he was busy, he replied to Minho's texts right away 11. Key thinks that it's not that Jonghyun cries a lot. It's just that he cries properly when he starts once 12. Key is the only one that carries a mirror around. Before going onto a show, he has to check him…

[FANACC] Jonghyun Birthday Party

They talked about pre-debut or funny photos! Taemin said about his pic of frowning face. He said it was too dazzling. and he never thought this photo become used so much like that by fans. and Key said Taemin was little bit strange that day. and Key said he can never forget Melon Key picture. When Key saw the photo of Onew eating a cell phone, he said “영감(Young-gam : means an old man or grandpa, actually its used when an old lady call her husband, or when u refer to an old man in folk tales..kinda rude when u call ur grandpa like this..) eats a phone!!!” in a cute way. Key called Onew 영감 whole day.(i guess key has called him like that long before, for a very long time) they talked that before Minho’s OMG solo stage, he kept a push-up a lot. when minho was doing that, Key was talking with Krystal like ‘omo you looks so pretty today’ and he said its very very busy in the backstage, and Onew added he was only free in the vortex of busy work. fans questioned what Jonghyun will do after 13 y…


2011.04.02 19:27[FAN]: My throat hurts so I ate some throat lozenges~ ^.^ Hehehe~ Need to record today~! You will do well right? keke
[ONEW]: Will do well~! [FAN]: On April Fool’s Day, received a prank that oppa sent a message, sad… that’s why I will never send UFO’s again. Even the last message,I didn’t receive a reply. Goodbye
[ONEW]: Goodbye~
2011.04.02 19:31
[FAN]: Strawberry flavoured candies still taste the best
[ONEW]: Candies2011.04.0219:39
[FAN](Onew Minho): Today need to record music core! School just ended for me but still want to go ㅠㅠ
[ONEW]: Good job2011.04.02 19:40
[FAN]: Bought your photobook!! Bought it in early March ㅠ Delivery only starts in early May ㅠㅠ Need to wait sucha long time
[ONEW]: Aigoo~ so late

2011.04.02 19:56[FAN]: (SHINee) Oppas. Have you ever experienced a pill sticking onto your teeth when you eat medicine? ^^ He…
[ONEW]: Oh.. how did you know..people who have not experienced this will not feels bad…
[FAN]: Do you like strawberry milk or chocolate milk?

Fact About Onew

When he was young he would also bring food from his parents shop to share with his classmates. --> what a kind boy ;)))He would always resist and smile despite the pain in front of the camera before the job's finish.Onew only succeeded in making his members laugh once or twice a year, however, he constantly does his best without giving up.Onew brings a rubix cube around & do it when he's bored ---> let's do it together oppa. hihihi :*Onew brings digestion medicine for himself and the members because there are times where they will feel uncomfortable on the planeOnew wears glasses when he practice dancing .Onew has two MP3's in his bag because he is afraid that the other one will run of off battery . --> oh just like me! hahaOnew listen to the lecture and study in the library alone in order to achieve 2nd in class :D --> What a good boy! :))Onew graduated from a IT high school .Onew is so sweet and has a great heart. He's beautiful on the outside and…

All about Siwon 2

Siwon like american style breakfast. He likes espresso and waffle for ate together. And also cheese for his took Siwon 4 years to build the body he has now, unlike Heechul who gave up after 2 weeks of dietSiwon learned most of his Mandarin from Vietnamese children shows.MC (talking about Siwon) :" Even if you see him in real life,,, he kind of looks like a ROMANTIC SCULPTURE!!!In shows,when Kyuhyun is going to pull a prank on his hyungs, Shindong and Siwon always accompanies him!Siwon is skilled in Taekwondo and became the youngest in Korea holding the fourth rank in the black belt.Siwon once went inside the wrong car. The car was the same brand and color as his. He was so shocked, he ran away.siwon would go to his hyungs after a show(especially HC & KI) asking kisses from them to show that he did a great job!Siwon loves Taekwando and DRUMS~He is also called Horse because he runs very fast =)Siwon is really popular in Thailand,he is called the prince of thaiSiwon…

All About Jonghyun

JongHyun Profile
Stage Name: 종현 / JongHyun
Real Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종형)
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun
DOB: April 8th, 1990 (17 int’l ; 18 krn)
Height: 173cm Bloodtype: AB
Family: Parents, sister
Position: Lead Vocal
Hobby/Interest: Watching movies, Dance, Lyrics, Piano, Mandarin
Appearances: Zhang Li Yin’s 交錯的愛 (Wrongly Given Love)
Facts: He’s the shortest out of the whole group.
He also studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007

JongHyun is the lead vocal of Korea band SHINee. Jong Hyun was discovered at the “2005 S.M. Casting System”. Before debuting with SHINee, Jonghyun sang a duet, “Wrongly Given Love” (交错的爱), with Zhang Liyin for her debut Chinese album I Will.

Jong Hyun’s voice is amazing – with a husky tone but with so much power; theres no wonder he’s one of the brightest stars of Shinee. Through watching Shinee’s reality show, Jonghyun is the most romantic
so most of you may fall for him for that.

JongHyun and Jessica’s Sexy Love
Fellow SM artists Jong Hyun of SHINee and Jessica of Girls’ Genera…

Super Junior Twitter Account

Maybe most of you have known their personal accounts. But I just want to give you their twitter so new ELF will know their twitter too ;)


Sungmin has delete his twitter. So sad ;(
well, enjoy ^^

Yesung's Goodbye Message to Ddangkoma

Ddangkoma is the biggest tortoise in that picture. Kkoming is Yesung's newest puppy

[0329 KTR Yesung’s goodbye message to Ddangkoma] My turtle’s name is Ddangkoma, because it’s a tortoise so please never put it into water, it can’t swim. I hope you can live well Ddangkoma, I will miss you…You have grown too big to be kept at home, I’m sorry TT although (I) even rebuild the turtle nest for you…but didn’t thought that you will grow so big in such a short time, 80years later when we both became grandfathers(,) we shall meet again.

【0329JKTR 艺DJ给宠物龟的离别赠言】我的小乌龟名字叫陆地小鬼,因为是陆地龟所以千万别把它放水里去,它不会游泳。希望你过得好啊陆地小鬼,我会想你的…你长得太大了没法养在家里了,对不起TT虽然为了你连乌龟巢都重建了…但是没想到你会在这么短的时间里长这么大,80年后我们都变成老爷爷了再见。

[CR: 朴进儿 l TRANS: paperheartsMIN| via:malaysianelf]

Yesung is going to donate his pet, Ddangkkoma

2 days ago on Sukira, Yesung said that he is going to donate his first pet, Ddangkoma.
He said Ddangkoma is too big to keep so, he wanted to donate it.

He has bought a new dog named Kkoming few days ago.
Last night, still on Sukira he said he will donate Ddangkoma today (30/03).

He added "Ddangkoma is a land turtle, do not place it in a water. It cant swim"

This news was gave me a shock! Coz Ddangkoma is his 1st pet, it's expensive and Yesung called his pet as 'dongsaeng'

Ok. Yesung has made his decision. We must support him. Ddangkoma, wherever you are, please be healthy ^^ Yesung, Me and other Clouds love you. MUAAAAH

I need correction. So if I have a mistake, just tell me :)

Super Junior Sleeping Habits

Super Junior Sleeping Habits by Siwon"Leeteuk -> he curls up and wraps himself up in his blanket, he sleeps with his face againts the wall, he looks like he's sick"
"Heechul -> you can't recognize its him when he's sleeping cuz he sleeps so deeply""Hangeng -> he sleeps with his door locked""Kangin -> he sleeps on his stomach. When something bad happens he talks in his sleep, saying stuff like 'do you wanna die?' ""Yesung -> he always sleeps with a mean expression. He always sleeps like he's in a bad mood""Shindong -> he looks like he's full when he's sleeping""Sungmin -> no matter how loud it is, he just sleeps through it""Eunhyuk -> sleeps with his mouth open""Donghae -> he sleeps deeply""Ryeowook -> he looks like he fainted. Sometimes he just sleeps in his underwear.""Kibum -> sleeps like a normal person.""

Funny Super Junior Quote 4

Kangin: By any chance, do you have gum?
Heechul: No I don't..Why?
Kangin: So I could attach my words together
- Super Junior Full House

Sungmin: Look at his moustache!
Eunhyuk: If you look closely, you can see his beard..
- Explorers of the Human Body

Siwon: You are so gorgeous!
- Super Junior Full House Episode 7

Kangin: Who do you dislike the most from our team?
Heechul: ..You.
Kangin: Why?
Heechul: Should I show you the mirror?
- Mystery 6

ELF: I can't sleep because of those mosquitoes~ Teach them a lesson!
Donghae: Send me their names and address!! I'll teach them a lesson!!
- UFO reply

Donghae: OK, WE CAN!
- Super Junior Full House

Park Myungsoo: I heard your nickname is Cinderella. If you're Cinderella, I must be Snow White.
Heechul: Of course. I admit that you are Snow White. But.. is your face the result of eating the poisoned apple?
- Xman Episode 105

Kyuhyun: Compared to you, I'm a genius
- UFO reply to ELF who called him stupid