Fact About SHINee part 1

1. Opera makes Onew cry when he listens to it
2. Key went to the Ne-Yo concert together with Amber
3. SHINee sexiest part according to them: Jonghyun (his lips), Minho (his gaze), Key (his shape of eyes), Taemin (his collarbones)
4. SHINee denies watching porn
5. Minho has high standart. When he sees beautiful celebrities, he will only say, "Yeah she's pretty"
6. When asked, "Who do you look like the most?" Onew answered, "MY PARENTS"
7. Taemin said that Onew looks weird when he's serious
8. Taemin saved a cat from getting ran over by cars
9. Key's favorite kind of coffee is American coffee
10. Minho often texted jonghyun while he was resting (because of injury). Although Jonghyun said he was busy, he replied to Minho's texts right away
11. Key thinks that it's not that Jonghyun cries a lot. It's just that he cries properly when he starts once
12. Key is the only one that carries a mirror around. Before going onto a show, he has to check himself in the mirror
13. Key writes what he does everyday and any mistakes that he did in his diary.
14. Taemin also has a diary
15. Minho is very cautious about what he says, that's why he doesnt talk a lot
16. Taemin gets surprised sometimes with his similarities with suju's Heechul
17. Taemin would like to do a cellphone commercial
18. Taemin usually asks Key or Onew to make him hot milk when he cant sleep at night
19. After waking up, Key likes to drink chilled water then wash while listening to music
20. Key's assertiveness tends to be the strongest among the members
21. Taemin thinks that a person who dreams for a long time becomes similiar to their dreams
22. Apparently Taemin's typing speed changes everyday
23. Apparently Jonghyun catches taxis in his sleep
24. based on observation, taemin and minho are the only ones who touch their microphones with their mouths when they sing.
25. Taemin frequently talks about his worries and concerns with Onew
26. Taemin's dream when he was a child was to protect the earth
27. Taemin only takes about 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning
28. It was hard for Key to become close with the members of BigBang
29. Key thinks that nothing goes right without him
30. Taemin becomes tensed when he sees talented younger newbies
31. Key believes that he has avery good memory
32. Onew, Minho and Taemin share one bedroom, while Jonghyun and Key shared another
33. Key's favorite music stars include Michael Jackson, Junstin Timberlake, Madonna, Britney Spears and Lagy Gaga
34. Taemin finds the practice room more comfortable than home
35. Onew hates mosquitoes
36. Onew thinks that a true man is a man who doesnt lie
37. Key doesnt want his future girlfriend to wear a bikini when they are out for swimming
38. Jonghyun dislikes very hot weather, especially when sleeping, as he find he already has alot of heat in his body
39. Onew thinks that Minho and Jonghyun have the best bodies in SHINee
40. Minho's mom is short but his dad is tall. He thinks that he inherited their good genes
41. Taemin's feet are 250
42. Onew knows how to knit
43. When MP3 players were all the rage, Taemin;s parents wouldnt buy him one. So he just bought a pair of earphones and wore them to school
44. Taemin used to show off to his classmates with DBSK's phone number
45. Onew regrets not making many friends in the past. He wishes to make more friends in the future
46. Jonghyun is very good in swimming doggy style
47. Key said Super Junior takes care of them and when they are in China they often call SHINee
48. Taemin and Jonghyun would get really nervous on variety shows. They freeze up and so they cant speak very well
49. Minho describes the Juliette dance as a fresh and fun dance
50. All of them love watermelon juice

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