Fact About Onew

  • When he was young he would also bring food from his parents shop to share with his classmates. --> what a kind boy ;)))
  • He would always resist and smile despite the pain in front of the camera before the job's finish.
  • Onew only succeeded in making his members laugh once or twice a year, however, he constantly does his best without giving up.
  • Onew brings a rubix cube around & do it when he's bored ---> let's do it together oppa. hihihi :*
  • Onew brings digestion medicine for himself and the members because there are times where they will feel uncomfortable on the plane
  • Onew wears glasses when he practice dancing .
  • Onew has two MP3's in his bag because he is afraid that the other one will run of off battery . --> oh just like me! haha
  • Onew listen to the lecture and study in the library alone in order to achieve 2nd in class :D --> What a good boy! :))
  • Onew graduated from a IT high school .
  • Onew is so sweet and has a great heart. He's beautiful on the outside and in ---> I love everything about him (:
  • Jonghyun : onew is the kindest member because he is too kind & has a fragile heart so his doesn't know how to express his inner feelings .
  • Jonghyun : onew is very understand of us , and has very high leadership qualities and i think he is the most amzaing leader i ever had . ---> unyunyunyu :33
  • Onew JongHyun is always thinking of others silently and take cares of pople around him secretly .
  • Onew thinks that the kindest member in SHINee is jonghyun .
  • Onew feels that a good guy is someone who is very thoughtful of others
  • Onew's real name is Lee Jin Ki =D Nicknames: Leader Onew, OnLeader, Dubu (Tofu), Onew Sangtae
  • When Onew says something boring and makes the atmosphere awkward, Key takes over and lightens up the atmosphere (haha that's so cute).
  • fan: your soft voice makes my heart comfortable/at ease. the beautiful smile of onew. onew:ah,thankyou^^ if you smile you will be blessed~^^
  • One of Onew's nickname is OnTokki (Tokki = Rabbit) because of his front two bunny teeth
  • During a fan sign, Onew once suddenly froze, then told a fan that he forgot how to sign. Then resumed back to signing after a while. ---> LOL
  • During a Maybee radio interview, Onew mentioned his parents, then hid his face (prob to hide the fact he's crying) then made a sound before
  • Onew's hobby is to Sleep
  • Onew revealed, "But I also studied hard. During my 3rd year [last year] of high school, I was ranked second in my class.”
  • Onew's bloodtype is O
  • Onew-hyung usually smiles a lot and when he was serious, I couldn't stop laughing. (Taemin)
  • Onew's first revelation on his Ideal type is that every girl has her own charms.. so he doesn't have an idea. the second revelation is that his ideal type is the girl he has a good impression on at first sight..
  • Onew wants to learn how to draw well .
  • Onew likes brushing his teeth for a long time .
  • Does Onew-Kun have interest to make people laugh? Onew: Kwack! ----> ROFL
  • Onew : If we see the happy faces of the fans , we are even happier .
  • What Leeteuk taught to Onew was greeting like "Hello everyone, I'm SHINee only you~" (i think it's bcs only u sounds like onew)
  • Onew doesn't appear to have any piercings
  • Onew drank an energy drink before debut, and said "I feel the power!"
  • Our Leader Onew is often known to be always smiling! (from debut all the way to now)
  • Onew's nickname is Dubu as he really likes a type of tofu called Sundubu (and says that he has beautiful memories of it)
source : @LeaderOnewFacts


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