Fact About SHINee part 2

51. Minho works out regularly
52. When travelling via plane, both Taemin and Key like to sit in window seat
53. Key loves Youtube very much
54. Key was really nervous for their debut album music video making. He was concerned about so many things. After that one though, he thought "WOW MV are nothing to worry about!"
55. When Key talking with SHINee, his daegu accent only comes out from time to time. but when he talks with his friends or parents, he speaks compeletely in a daegu accent
56. During the year end award ceremonies, SHINee hard work till very late and then rehearse till 9AM for their concert
57. When asked to choose "A person you still feel awkward with", Onew held up F(LUNA)'s name
58. During trainee days, Minho used to show a picture of Taemin to his friends and ask them "isnt he cute?"
59. Onew used to roll over to Taemin's bed
60. Key would buy clothes for his girlfriends
61. Onew learned a lot about sex from school
62. Minho tidies up the bookshelvea and cupboards at home
63. Minho said that the person who actually does aegyo the most is JONGHYUN
64. But the rest member said NO!! It's Minho who does aegyo the most
65. When asked "how many times do you look in the mirror?" Key said that he cant count how many
66. When it comes to fashion items, Key spends the most money on bags, T-shirts and jewellery
67. Taemin thinks that people ultimately do what they want to do
68. Key thinks that his problem is his frank personality. He's too honest and he doesnt know when to conceal it
69. If Joonghyun Could be morphed into something, he'd want to be an invisible man. then leeteuk (of super junior) asked him what’s the first thing he would do as an invisible man.
jonghyun: you already know.
leeteuk: ladies’ bathhouse!
70. Key suggests people to think three times before they act
71. Minho is able to not blink for 3 minutes straight
72. Out of all members, Onew trained the longest
73. Key used to wear blue contact lenses and paint his nails black
74. Out of household chores, Taemin and Key both hate doing laundry the most
75. Minho said Jonghyun has a very sexy shoulder line
76. Minho prefers older women to younger ones
77. Because Minho and Taemin never cried as much as the other members did, Key would call them "KIDS WITH NO EMOTION"
78. Onew is close friends with MBLAQ's Lee Joon
79. Sometimes SHINee thinks that the fans know them more than they know themselves
80. When the other members are singing and joking around the car, Minho prefers to sleep
81. SHINee had to dance for over 12 hours just to film LUCIFER MV
82. Key likes women/girls who are near his age
83. SHINee especially likes it when their fans make gif of them
84. Onew envies SNSD and Super Junior for having so many members
85. If key would become an MC at a show, He would want to get a big microphone
86. “the mc’s status is all about the size of the mic. the bigger the mic, the more authority the mc has.” -key
87. Whenever Key asks Jonghyun something while they are in the car, Jonghyun never answers because he's sleeping with his eyes open and his arms crossed
88. Taemin once made Jonghyun eat a paper cup
89. it was when shinee swapped ages for three minutes. taemin got to order his hyungs around. of course jonghyun only nibbled on the cup. didn’t actually eat it, aha.
90. Key uses an apple laptop
91. Taemin likes to look at his eyeballs in the mirror and hypnotise himself
92. Taemin says "I Love You" to his two puppies Adam and Eve
93. If Key could swap bodies with someone, He would choose Minho because he'd like to see what it's like to be athletic and good at sports
94. 2-3 years ago Onew couldnt even look his DBSK sunbaenims in the eyes. But now he will be all like "Hey dude!"
95. Key feels an adrenaline rush whenever he stands on stage as a part of SHINee
96. The fact that Onew is older than Taemin makes Onew ptouud
97. Onew's idol is BOA. Seeing her strong stage presence makes him want to practice more
98. Jonghyun believes that having self-confidence is extremely important
99. Minho has been practicing piano a lot these days for the drama "PIANIST"
100. Onew likes to imitate weird sounds to make the other members laugh
101. Onew's fan presents often include snacks and yoghurts which have the same name like him
102. Whenever the members feels to tired to do anything, Key starts to talk random things and makes everyone's tiredness fade away
103. Taemin thinks that if two people love eeach other age doesnt matter


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