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Animal Derived Content in Some Skincare

Attracted by global cosmetic brand gave me a task to do.
Nowadays, a lot of make up consist of gelatin, collagen, placenta, AHA, etc. Some of these ingredients comes from animal (esp pork by-products) even from human placenta. Sounds disgusting but that's the fact we are facing right now.

When I was trying to buy cosmetics, my friend named Aisyah always remind me to check the ingredient to make sure it is safe from any haram ingredient since they doesnt have halal certificate. We always discuss about some content before buy the product. One day I saw a forum about halal cosmetics and found many ingredients that maybe comes from animal and I didnt know it before. To make sure my cosmetics and skincare are safe from this ingredient, I contact their customer service and here are the answer:

I only use its Return Whitening Cream as seen below. Im super impressed by their customer care! here are the emails regarding animal content in their product.

Im impressed at how they an…

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