All about Siwon 2

  1. Siwon like american style breakfast. He likes espresso and waffle for ate together. And also cheese for his breakfast.
  2. it took Siwon 4 years to build the body he has now, unlike Heechul who gave up after 2 weeks of diet
  3. Siwon learned most of his Mandarin from Vietnamese children shows.
  4. MC (talking about Siwon) :" Even if you see him in real life,,, he kind of looks like a ROMANTIC SCULPTURE!!!
  5. In shows,when Kyuhyun is going to pull a prank on his hyungs, Shindong and Siwon always accompanies him!
  6. Siwon is skilled in Taekwondo and became the youngest in Korea holding the fourth rank in the black belt.
  7. Siwon once went inside the wrong car. The car was the same brand and color as his. He was so shocked, he ran away.
  8. siwon would go to his hyungs after a show(especially HC & KI) asking kisses from them to show that he did a great job!
  9. Siwon loves Taekwando and DRUMS~
  10. He is also called Horse because he runs very fast =)
  11. Siwon is really popular in Thailand,he is called the prince of thai
  12. Siwon's cant stand with "It's hard for Siwon" words! He will become a bull if he heard this
  13. Siwon's favorite song from Perfection Destiny :)
  14. Siwon once said that his role model is his father and he wants to be like him someday.
  15. Siwon loves kids
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