Super Junior Sleeping Habits

Super Junior Sleeping Habits by Siwon

"Leeteuk -> he curls up and wraps himself up in his blanket, he sleeps with his face againts the wall, he looks like he's sick"

"Heechul -> you can't recognize its him when he's sleeping cuz he sleeps so deeply"

"Hangeng -> he sleeps with his door locked"

"Kangin -> he sleeps on his stomach. When something bad happens he talks in his sleep, saying stuff like 'do you wanna die?' "

"Yesung -> he always sleeps with a mean expression. He always sleeps like he's in a bad mood"

"Shindong -> he looks like he's full when he's sleeping"

"Sungmin -> no matter how loud it is, he just sleeps through it"

"Eunhyuk -> sleeps with his mouth open"

"Donghae -> he sleeps deeply"

"Ryeowook -> he looks like he fainted. Sometimes he just sleeps in his underwear."

"Kibum -> sleeps like a normal person."

"Kyuhyun -> always falls asleep while doing something...and thus he doesn't look too comfortable when he sleeps."

"Zhoumi -> he was a fussy sleeper but in the best way,he always had to make sure his pillows were just so and the blanket was crisp n clean"

"Siwon -> he was an animated sleeper. It was fun to lay with him because you never knew exactly where you'd end up the next morning"

"Henry -> he was just plain fun to sleep with, the young canadian was usually up late into the evening for talking to his fam n friend"

Credits/ Source : @SuperSIWONfans Twitter


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