Kibum Super Junior Note on his Facebook

My last statement.

by Kibum Kim on Monday, January 3, 2011 at 10:19pm

Eventually maybe I'll give a final statement here. I've been trying to interact with many people outside world. But, I managed then until now. First I decided to create an account on twitter by my brother, HeeNim Kim. But I say can not do that. I'm still too weird to use anything like some of the member.

And for the second time I returned to my family in Park Lea Sea, Los Angeles, CA. younger sister in the spirit of informed and invited me to use an account on facebook. New beginning for me to hear him talk like that. I had hesitated to do so. But she urged me on. Until I create an account on facebook with are taught by my sister.

I personally did not encroach on to tell this to the parties and the management of my own manager. Because it is each of the member must inform what we do in the outside world, including in the case of a facebook account of this mine.

I keep this from the management but not for my sister, my family and my manager. because I think this is just ordinary things done by people like me.

This account really belongs to me, Kim Ki Bum. Not a faker who thought by many people. Super Junior Kim Ki Bum is not a fool would believe that I myself am a faker. Until yesterday I was anxious to hear me a faker. It is difficult to get permission to communicate this to everyone. but with all the effort I managed to get it.

Currently I and some members of Super Junior is busy practicing for our 5th album. I'm sure a lot of people wait for that day. All members also say such things to me. I'll leave all this and returned to training in preparation for our 5th album. Sorry if I have not had time to answer all messages from you guys. because I am very restricted to do that.

ELF continues to be one who is always supporting Super Junior. But I'm sure you too will always support Kim Ki Bum. This is the first and last thing that can tell you. I will be true again in the album-5! Wait for my return to the stage again with the others. I also always love you all, thank you! Take care of your health to me!

The real of me,

Super Junior Ki Bum Kim.


then he posted his status

"Bad if you always say about myself that i was a fake! i saw all your comments. no matter if you say the fake me. Trying to reply to you guys is not just wrong! Disappointed!. Fake i do not because i was myself! Please stop saying i faker! it hurt if i promised to closing my facebook accnt. This is the first worst service i have received from others. Definitely disappointed with this!:("

So, what i want to say here is, if you think it's his fake facebook, then why you keep add him and say if it the fake one?

if you think it is the fake one, just leave it and dont add this. that's it

if you think it is the real one, please give positive comment and support him :) that's what ELF do ;)


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