To ELF Indonesia

To my precious ELF Fellows (who live in Indonesia),KIBUM'S and YESUNG'S BIRTHDAY PROJECT (here: IS not for Kibum and Yesung only, It also FOR US.WHY? Because if this project is success,SUJU Will know that they have an ELF in INDONESIA. Means the possibility of SS3 in Indonesia WILL BE BIGGER.

So what we have to do is spread this info and DO PARTICIPATE by donating the money. For all admins,please do persuade your followers to participate (but of course don't force them). We have to put all of our strengths to make this project to be success. Because it won't stop until here.We will make another project for others SJ Members. LETS DO OUR BEST! REMEMBER this project is not for KIBUM and YESUNG ONLY, BUT IT ALSO FOR OUR SAKE. ITS TIME TO LET SUPER JUNIOR KNOW THAT INDONESIAN ELF IS REALLY EXIST!!


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