Fact about Onew (2)

1. Onew was studied in Gwang Moon High School
2. Onew's ideal type is After School's Jung Ah.
3. When asked if he likes to make people laugh, Onew responded "Kwack!"
4. Out of the SHINee members, Onew trained the longest
5. If Onew has a gf he wants to play "catch me" with her at the beach
6. Onew has ultimate body gags! He laughs suddenly in the car and hits the front seat really hardly
7. According to Onew,Minho's voice is so low that he thinks the sound comes from the soles of his feet
8. Onew used to call 'DUBU', means tofu. Becoz he has a white chubby cheeks.
9. Onew is the richest among the members
10. Onew is the only child. He doesnt has a brother nor sister.
11. His cooking specialty is scrambled eggs.
12. Onew also has a nickname, "OnTokki", "Tokki" meaning bunny. This is because he has two front "bunny teeth"
13. Onew likes to have an eyecontact with his fans,then he's smiling
14. Onew likes spicy dishes.
15. Onew thinks his hands are short and thick like steak. Minho agreed.
16. Onew's advice: When you feel like your heart is about to drop, hold it so it doesn't drop (LOL xD)
17. Onew once slept while standing up because he was too sleepy
18. Onew will take Minho to a deserted island because he is athletic and can get food easily.
19. Onew's idol is BoA; her strong stage presence makes him want to practise more.
20. Onew brings digestion medicine for himself and the other members when they feel uncomfortable during practice.
21. Jonghyun thinks Onew is the kindest member because he is too kind & has a fragile heart.
22. Jonghyun: Onew is very understanding of us, has very high leadership qualities
23. If Onew became a girl, he'd date Key because Key is "unique, strong and fascinating, and exactly his cup of tea".


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