Super Junior Funny moment

  • YS: "My rival is Siwon..... Wae? Why you all laughing? I cant be as handsome as Siwon?" SM: "Yesung-sshi, please look at your TV" LOOOL
  • CM: "If you eat almond, u'll become younger" YS: "Really? Then I wont. I look too young. Do I look like 27y.o?" LOL
  • Yesung said that Super Junior is like "water" for him
  • YS: "....There are times we need water so much that we keep searching for it" :3
  • MC: "Do you have experiences like this (kissing), Kibum?" KB: "I change depending on the partner. if she has a very active personality, I pretend that I dont know but if the person is so kind, I'll lead first" LOL xD seems like he really know how to do this :
  • EH: "give me 3 reasons why Im so handsome" DH: "first, he has thick lips that I dont have. 2nd his single eyelids are quite attractive. 3rd his chin line is good" #cloudlogytheory
  • MC: "at that level (voice) you should be able to leave SJ, no?" YS: "I totally could. but I have my team" #cloudlogytheory YES!! SJ = 1 :)
  • Heechul : "Hello, Im Super Junior's forever-young Kim Heechul."
  • SM: "Hello Im the later generation pretty boy, Sungmin"
  • EH: "Hello Im the precious and charming Eunhyuk"
  • SW: "Hello Im the gesture man, Siwon"
  • DH: "Hello I am the man who wants to protect Wonhee noona (the MC), Donghae"
  • YS: "Hello, I am Super Junior's work of art vocals, Yesung. Nice to meet you"
  • SH: "Hello Im the talented Shindong"
  • KH: "Hello im the member that brings down the age averange of Super Junior, Kyuhyun"
  • RW: "Hello! Im like endorphins Ryeowook"
  • HC: "Hankyung is popular in China. hmm it's like Heechul in Korea? yes Hankyung is in the same level as Heechul. It's really high!" LOL xD
  • Eunhyuk is popular in Thailand. They like his looks and he speaks Thai like a native. #cloudlogytheory
  • EH: "He's (Shindong) standing behind her (a singer), but his face is bigger" #cloudlogytheory LOL xD naughty Hyukkie~
  • EH: "Leeteuk always says that he debuted as an actor first" #cloudlogytheory~ is that right? you're just an extra in "all about eve" oppa xD LOL
  • Leeteuk chosen as a member who probably has the most girls' phone number in Star Golden Bell Season 2 eps 6 #cloudlogytheory
  • EH: "Jiyeong's really young. I hope an old guy doesnt fool around with her" #cloudlogytheory LOL xD again! Hyukkie tease Leeteuk! xD

  • DH: "I went home after work and there's a light sensor at the front door. As soon as the light went on, he said "What is it?"" LOL xD ah It cant be tell! you must see the show and I bet you'll laugh till your tears run down on your face xD
  • Siwon will get angry if people saying "This shoul be hard for Siwon" after he hear it, he become like a bull chasing for the red flag LOL #cloudlogytheory
  • once when his school organized an event where guys have to dress up as girls, he didnt want to wear it. but when he went to the bathroom he saw all the guys wear this. one guy tell "it would be hard for Siwon". Then, he went to the class and want to do dress up like a girl #cloudlogytheory
  • after do that, suddenly his friends said that he dont look busty enough. and other said "dont make him difficult! it must be hard for him" after listening, Siwon said "pass me a fake boob!" hahaha xD LOL Siwoooonn!!! #cloudlogytheory
  • Donghae = King of tears. he said it by himself in Strong heart
  • after SK ended, hodong will pat Donghae's shoulder an say "Donghae-ah~ not bad" it's make Donghae really sad and he cried
  • EH: "you were very tired right?" DH: *goin to cry* "wait hyung.. ah hyung wait a while.. hyung wait..." LOL xD Eunhyuk didnt even move a bit xD crybaby Donghae
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